Our People

The wonderful people who organize and run the Concours.

Steve Pedone


Buzz Marston

Momentum Chevrolet Representative

Dave Buchanan

Executive Director

Myles Kitchen

Master of Ceremonies

Ron Kimball

Event Photographer

Ross Taylor

Website Manager

Kris Warrenburg

Program Design

Ryan DeRespini

Security Manager

Kim DeRespini

Volunteer Coordinator

Gil Gilfix

Judges Liaison

Susan Rabin

National Anthem

Roy Riccetti

Concours Advisor

Marie Riccobene

Merchandise Manager

Natalie Koffler

Sponsorship Chair

Jona Steenbrink

Website and Brand Design

Hal Schuette

Executive Director

Coy Ibañez

Marketing Director

John Ficarra

Audience Development Director

Patrick Hoskins

Field Operations Manager

Ray Muscat

Show Car Placement Director

Ed Therrien

Concours Founding Associate

Chris Thompson

Show Field Associate