Vehicle Classes

2018 Alameda Point Concours d'Elegance
Vehicle Class list

The Alameda Point Concours d’Elegance is celebrating the Rock ‘n’ Roll Era by featuring American made cars of the ‘50s and ‘60s with coupes, convertibles, station wagons, pickups and muscle cars.

A host of other classes will join these important cars that include: American Sports Cars, Pre and Post War, Imported Sports and Passenger Cars, Preservation Class, Rolls-Royce/Bentley, Ferrari, Period Hot Rods, Exotics, Race Cars, Motorcycles, Cars of Alameda, Vintage Travel Trailers and Special Displays.

New classes for 2018 include: Gen-Excellent Cars (Cars of the ‘80s and 90s), and Electric Propulsion.

American Cars of the ‘50s

SCCA Judging

AC1: 50’s Passenger Cars

AC2: 50’s Station Wagons

AC3: 50’s Sports Cars

AC3: 50’s Pickup Trucks

AC4: 50’s Convertibles

American Cars of the ‘60s

SCCA Judging

AC4: 60’s Passenger Cars

AC4: 60’s Station Wagons

AC5: 60’s Sports Cars

AC6: 60’s Pickup Trucks

AC7: 60’s Convertibles

American Manufacturing

SCCA Judging

AM1: Through 1949 (Open/Closed)

AM2: Sports Cars through 1949

AM3: 1970-1987

American Sports Cars 1970 - 1987

SCCA Judging

ASC1: American Sports Cars 1970 - 1987

Cars of Alameda

Honorary Judge

Classics-Pre 1987

Hot Rods



CCCA Judging

CCCA Approved Classics–Open

CCCA Approved Classics–Closed

D: Display

Not Judged

Electric Cars

Not Judged

EX: Exotics

Honorary Judge


Ferrari Judging

F1: 12 Cylinder through 2007

F2: 6/8 Cylinder through 2007

Imported Cars

SCCA Judging

IS1: Imported Pre-War

IS2: Imported Sports 1945-1955

IS3: Imported Sports 1956-1987 Under $7K When New

IS4: Imported Sports 1956-1987 Over $7K When New

IP1: Imported Passenger 1945-1955

IP2: Imported Passenger 1956-1987 Under $7K When New

IP3: Imported Passenger 1956-1987 Over $7K When New


Honorary Judge

GE1: Cars of the ‘80s

GE1: Cars of the ‘90s

HR: Period Hotrods

Hot Rod Judge

Motorcycles thru 1987

SCCA Judging

Vintage through 1969

Classic Street Bikes Through 1987

Enduro Offroad Through 1987

Racer Through 1987

Unrestored Through 1987

PC: Preservation Class

SCCA Judging

Race Cars

SCCA Judging


Rolls-Royce Bentley Club Judging

RRB1: Pre-war

RRB2: Post-war

VT: Vintage Travel Trailers

Not Judged

D: Display

Not Judged


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